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I hope you find this website to be an informative guide as you look for alternative healing options for arthritis, pain, inflammation, swelling of the joints, neuropathy and other conditions. You can easily use it to order therapeutic products to fit your lifestyle, including magnetic jewelry, pads and more.​

I'm pleased and excited to offer you a new, refreshing approach to a healthier and more comfortable way of life. Please contact us for any additional information about any of the products offered by Kimberly Health Products®. We're looking forward to helping you improve your health!

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Why North Pole Magnets®?

Bio on Kimberly Carpenter 
B.A., R.N*., M.G.S.

Kimberly Carpenter, retired registered nurse and biologist, started Kimberly Health Products® (KHP) in 1997 because she wanted to help people in a natural, holistic manner. Her experiences working in hospitals as a nurse and selling diagnostic equipment motivated her to explore alternative therapies.  She teamed up with Dr. William Philpott, MD in 1998 and he used KHP’s trademark North Pole Magnets® in his research studies.

North Pole Magnets® and her career as a researcher and molecular biologist have brought global recognition to Kimberly.  Furthering her mission to make the benefits of alternative therapies available to the public, she founded the Body Detox Center® in 2006. She has embarked on a remarkable journey discovering a deeper world of incredible energy, clarity and vibrant health, which Kimberly Health Products® and the Body Detox® center bring to you!


Our Pledge to You:

At Kimberly Health Products®, we’re dedicated to providing you, 
our customers, with a happier, more enjoyable life 
by utilizing the highest quality Healing Magnetic Therapy 
and health products available. 
Service and quality are paramount 
in our ongoing mission to 
promote your holistic well-being.

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About Us

To our Valued Customers:

First, let me thank you for investing your time with Kimberly Health Products®, the incredible world of North Pole Magnets® and healing magnetic therapy. As you look through our website, we think you will see Kimberly Health Products® is a different kind of company. Our products represent the cutting edge of technology, combining the best of science and nature.​

North Pole Magnet® products demonstrate our commitment to quality and effectiveness. Research shows a distinct advantage to separating the poles of therapeutic magnets, since they provide directly opposite results. See our North Pole Magnets FAQ for a sampling of these results.

Kimberly Health Products® has been a leader in the healing magnet industry since 1997. As such, we assure you the following:

  • Our therapeutic magnetic products are designed and approved by Dr. William Philpott, a medical doctor and author with 45 years of expertise in the field.
  • Our healing magnets are the same as those used in research projects conducted by Dr. Philpott. The studies were designed to meet FDA guidelines and paid special attention to field strength and magnet design.
  • North Pole Magnets® are permanent magnets meant to last a lifetime. This means our healing magnets will stay charged as long as you need them. No special care is required.