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​We carry therapeutic magnets for all parts of the body, including magnetic jewelry with hematite, magnetic bracelets with 5,000 gauss in each link, neodymium magnets, magnetic wraps and even magnetic pads for your pets! You’ll find whatever you need in our catalog. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find the right healing magnet for you!

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»   Arthritis
»   Back Pain

»   Inflammation

Here at Kimberly Health Products, we carry North Pole Magnets® because of our commitment to quality. We promise to deliver the right healing magnet for the right reason and right price, and to provide ongoing education to help you make informed decisions about alternative health and pain therapy. Magnetic healing therapy can be used for back pain relief and many other common conditions that stop you from doing the things you love.​


North Pole Magnets® were the brand used by the well-known Dr. William Philpott, physician and author, in his studies of magnetic therapy. Dr. Philpott made many clinical observations supporting the use of these medical magnets for holistic healing and pain management. This form of energy healing is believed to work by attracting the positive electrolytes in your body, increasing oxygen distribution in the body and facilitating the removal of waste products.​

Discover the timeless healing benefits of North Pole Magnets®! Magnetic healing therapy is a method of pain relief prescribed by alternative health care practitioners and enjoyed by millions who have found them beneficial.​

»   Joint Pain
»   Knee Pain

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​We will find you the right magnet for the right reason and the right price!

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Note: The FDA requires non medical companies engaged in selling therapies for better health to provide a Disclaimer: While many research studies support the health and healing benefits of magnetic therapy, magnets are not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have a serious health condition, please consult a physician. Magnets are not a medical device and should not be used with a pacemaker, defibrillator or any other electrical implant, or over an unborn fetus. Keep magnets away from hard drives.

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»   Shoulder Pain
»   Elbow Pain

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North Pole Magnets® we cover the entire body!

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