Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnets are light and easy to wear. The flex to about 25% of flat, they are lightweight, double them you can put them anywhere. Strap them on anywhere you have of arthritis or inflammation and wear all day. Various sizes from 3x4, 4x4, 4x6.2x6, 4x12, the North Pole® side is easy to see and use.

Hand, Wrist and Elbow

Hands, wrist and elbow collection is used with ceramic and neodymium North Pole Magnets® This section includes kits and wraps with powerful healing magnets for your hands, wrists and elbows. Our High Power wrist wrap which has 8 neodymium North Pole Magnets®. For the elbow or wrist order our low profile neodymium. Whatever the need, we have it here, if you do not see it, please call!

Head and Neck

Kimberly Health Products® is proud to have many wraps, magnetic jewelry and therapeutic units for the head and neck. The natural magnetic jewelry is a fashion statement and for the men, under the shirt, easy to wear. Magnetic clasps are an option, along with high power wraps and braces that have the perfect combination to produce results.


With over 100 styles to choose from, our prices are from $20.95 to $99.00. The stainless steel magnetic link bracelets come with 3,000-5,000 gauss of NPM. Titanium or copper, it is your choice. Neck, wrist, ankles, we have many styles to choose from, do not see what you want, call and we can customize for you for a slightly higher fee. We have styles to fit the smallest of wrist and the largest.


View this section for these powerful, rare earth magnets. North Pole Magnets’® Neodymium’s can be stacked to increase the magnetic penetration. We offer 4 styles and sizes of neodymiums, they are 1” x 1/3 thick for the Super Neo, and Low Profile is 1” 1/8 thick. Last our “2” Neodymium Dots which are ¼” diameter and 1/8” thick for easy use and concealment.

Product List

All Purpose Magnet Pads

Use our all purpose magnet pads anywhere you want to rest. Put them under swollen joints, into your bed or even to ease pain and swelling for your pets. Each pad is versatile for you or your 4 legged companions. They come in a zippered cover with fleece, the sizes are small 18x12, medium 24 x 18 and the large is 36” x24”. The small can be used as pillow insert!

Back, Hips, Thighs, Feet

This category includes wearable pads for the active life and cushions, wraps to soothe your back, hips thighs and Feet. Either High Power or regular strength, these ideal products are breathable, wearable and very comfortable for the right price. Please call if you are not sure of what products will fit your needs 1.239.325.8467.

Call Kimberly direct at: USA 1-239-325-8467

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Chest, Upper and Lower Abdomen

The North Pole Magnets® in this category includes very specific areas that include a pilgrim color, specially designed for the chest. Power Mats come in small medium and large, 3x4, 3x5 and 5x12 with a water resistant fabric. Natural Magnetic necklaces, all purpose pads round out this collection.

Sleep Systems

Our mattress pads covers, made from quality foam, 3950 gauss North Pole Magnets® ceramic magnets, will help you sleep soundly! We have single 38 x 76 to the California king. Travel, we have that too, along with a sinus eye masks, pillows and vitality sleepers. We have the complete system, call today or order here on line.

Ceramic Magnets - Bricks, Discs

These NPM® are ceramic bricks, Full, Half and Small. The Discs are 1 ½ x 3/8 and the Mini blocks set are the size of dominos. The large or Full Bricks have our maximum penetration 4 x 6 x 1 and are ceramic. Their size and superior materials give them excellent magnetic penetration. Please call if you are not sure of what products will fit your needs 1.239.325.8467

Shoulders and Upper Back

Our Pilgrim collar drapes over the shoulder and upper back with 10 Neodymium of North Pole Magnets®, perfect for the shoulder and upper back. How about a shoulder pad, shaped like one and you can put it anywhere, comes with 7 ceramic 2450 gauss NPM®. Try the necklaces if a pad or taping is not an option. Call if you have any questions call Kimberly direct at 239-325-8467